Intro and Appeal

Most sincerely,

Our mission is to present art in an appealing way, to help hurting people heal, to help the disadvantaged experience, and to add joy and clarity of expression to as many as we can reach.  We hope you can lend a hand or support us in this, as we try to make our communities better places to live.

We are Foothills Arts Council, Inc., a non-profit 501C3, formed to promote the arts and produce arts programs in the greater Fulton – Montgomery county, NY area. Art can improve health and well-being and we believe art should be accessible to everyone. We believe art is essential and we are developing programs with a fresh perspective to support and bring together our communities. Our board and membership is comprised of Fulton-Montgomery and Schenectady county residents, from artists to business people, from youth to retirees. Please consider supporting this worthwhile community endeavor with your kind donation or by volunteering with us. There is no better time than this to reach out to your neighbor. With your help we can make this vision a reality. Thank you.

Jay Towne, Vice President, Foothills Arts Council, Inc.

Contact 518-496-2707

PO Box 190, Amsterdam, NY 12010

                                                                                           Photo by Judith Prest

Bridge Photo by Dani Whelley

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